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Efficient research for japanese patents with new database PATOLIS ...


   Patent Information
Patent research in international patent databases and document archives is our speciality. Experienced researchers identify known prior art, provide material for opposition procee- dings and offer advice concerning research and development activities...

   Mergers & Acquisition
Fast changing markets as well as product and service requirements demand ever more flexibility from successful enterprises, which can often be ensured only by means of strategic partnerships, diversification or specialisation....


   Technology / Innovation
We provide consulting services to clients in the field of technical development projects, e.g. locating all sources of supply, identifying providers of know-how and technology, providing technical literature, offering technological consulting service... .

   Branches / References
Here you will find examples of the work we do for enterprises in the sectors Automotive, Medical and Measuring Technology , Mechanical and Precision Engineering, Electrical Engineering / Electronics. For reasons of absolute confidentiality we do not mention any company names..

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